07.20.2014 - 201

Fuck Summer Shandy.

I listen to a lot of Pandora radio at work. Unfortunately we don’t pay for that shit and we hear ads for days. One ad in particular has been for Summer Shandy, “it started with the Germans…” Today I gave in and bought some, I hate it. I’ve had it once before and I thought it was delicious. Granted it was free, everything tastes better when it’s free. By the way this was my first beer shower experience. I enjoyed it besides my beer choice.

John and I watched, Wish I was here, with my friend Amy. I loved it. Such a great movie. What can I say I love Zach Braff.

07.14.2014 - 195

Congratulations Rhett and Brandi!!

We went to our friends Rhett and Brandi’s wedding today. First wedding we’ve gone to as an engaged couple yo. Uhh, it definitely made us excited for ours. Yay love!!